Professional dental services in a relaxed and comfortable environment

Health & wellness

Our dental hygienists provide you with comprehensive preventative care. Working closely with Dr. Bruce Cole, they ensure comprehensive hygiene therapy for the whole family.

Relaxed & friendly atmosphere

Dr. Cole’s team emphasizes the importance of nutrition playing as part of your overall health and wellness, sharing their knowledge when appropriate.


Dr. Bruce Cole has extensive experience using the latest technology.

This valuable instrument allows both dentist and patient to see magnified views from anywhere inside the mouth, providing a better understanding of your oral condition. You can then participate knowledgeably in your choice of treatment.

Dr. Bruce Cole and his hygienists make use of magnifying devices called loupes. These specially designed surgical grade visual devices bring the patient’s teeth much more clearly into view.

60% Reduction in radiation

Dr. Bruce Cole has digital imaging available. With this up-to-date technology, an image is taken of your mouth with a small digital sensor. The image appears instantly on the computer screen.

This process is faster and more environmentally friendly.  Disposable plastic film and harmful processing chemicals are no longer needed.

Dental Implants & Bridges

Replacements are available for missing single or multiple teeth.  Implants are surgically positioned allowing Dr. Cole to mount replacement teeth or a bridge in that area.

Get a dazzling white smile

Everybody loves a bright, white, smile! Teeth whitening is a simple non-invasive method to lighten the colour of your teeth.

Dr. Cole’s team can provide you with custom trays and whitening gel to conveniently whiten your teeth at home. 
Occasionally porcelain veneers are used to improve the aesthetics of teeth if more than just a colour change is desired.

Young children’s teeth

Dr. Bruce Cole recommends that a child’s first dental visit  take place at 18 months of age. Generally, if a child has a dental problem, early diagnosis allows for simpler treatment of the problem. Baby teeth are important for speech production, eating, smiling and self-confidence.

Children invariably enjoy the preventive attention they receive at Dr. Cole’s office and they become familiar and friendly with all the team members, including secretaries, assistants and hygienists. 

Dr. Cole enjoys children and is known for his sense of humour and his compassion.

No mercury, no metal

Silver/Mercury alloys had routinely been used in the past to restore cavities. The shortcomings include weakening of the teeth, primarily because metal does not bond well to your teeth and can expand slightly – they can also appear unsightly.

Dr. Cole has great expertise in placing tooth coloured composite fillings to successfully restore decayed teeth.

Need a crown?

A crown is recommended when a tooth has lost most of its strength. Constructed in a dental laboratory and made of durable porcelain, a crown encases the core of your tooth, restoring its strength and beauty.

Saving hopeless teeth

Occasionally the pulp or “nerve” of a tooth will become diseased. When this happens, root canal therapy is required.  The pulp space is cleaned and filled with a special root filling called gutta percha. The tooth will be free of disease and can continue to be useful. It is generally preferable to save such teeth. Removing a tooth often requires replacing it with a bridge or implant.

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