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Dentist with tooth implant false teeth
Dr. Bruce Cole Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Implants for Improved Dental Health in Peterborough

Dental implants are used when a patient suffers from one or more missing teeth. With the help of implants, you can enjoy eating the food items you once did and can smile confidently without being self conscious of your appearance. Dr. Bruce Cole offers quality dental implants at his office in Peterborough. 

These implants are made of titanium and bond with the jawbone creating a secure foundation for new artificial teeth. Getting dental implants can prevent bone deterioration due to missing teeth and subsequent wear and tear. If you require dental implants then schedule a consultation with us today!

Dental implant

The Process

During the initial consultation, we will conduct a thorough examination of the affected area to formulate a treatment plan. Additionally, we will go over your health history and what your end goals are for your dental well-being. Dental implant procedures take anywhere from 6 - 8 months. Many of our patients have reported little to no disruption in their lives when going through a dental implant procedure. 

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