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Close-up of female doctor pointing at teeth x-ray image at dental office
Dr. Bruce Cole Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

General Dentistry Services for Improved Oral Hygiene in Peterborough

At Dr. Bruce Cole’s dental office in Peterborough, we provide general dentistry services and treatment to help keep your teeth in top shape. From tooth repairs to preventive dentistry, we can help restore the condition of your teeth. 

If you require fillings, mouth guards or need to get a tooth extracted, rely on our capable and friendly team. Our personalized approach helps us understand your individual needs for effective treatment. Contact us to book a consultation today.

A woman with a towel on her head holds a whitening mouth guard for teeth

What We Offer

Dr. Bruce Cole and his team offer a variety of general dentistry services. Our dental care solutions include:

X-rays and examination

X-rays are important for an accurate dental diagnosis. With the help of digital radiography, we can now get instant images of your teeth.



Teeth tend to decay and form cavities. We use fillings to treat these cavities by adding layers of composite material that are hardened to provide stability. 


Tooth extraction 

Dentists remove teeth as a last resort to avoid any further damage to your mouth and surrounding teeth or to prevent further infection. Tooth extraction is also offered to remove of problematic wisdom teeth. 


Periodontal screening

Periodontal disease affects the gums, bone structure and ligaments that support your teeth. It is caused due to a bacterial infection associated with plaque. With timely detection, dentists can offer treatment and prevention. 


Preventive dentistry 

Regular checkups with your dentist can help avoid any lingering problems such as plaque build-up and tartar. These regular examinations can help you avoid unnecessary dental concerns. 


Mouth guards

Mouth guards are dental appliances that cover and protect your teeth. They are especially effective to help reduce the effects of teeth grinding or impact sports injuries.

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