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Dr. Bruce Cole Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Root Canal Treatment in Peterborough

If your tooth has deep decay, trauma, cracks or has had repeated dental procedures, you may need a root canal treatment to set it right. If left unchecked, the pulp of your tooth can become infected at the root and become abscessed. Dr. Bruce Cole offers root canal treatment to patients in Peterborough. 

A root canal procedure saves your natural tooth. With modern anesthetics, antibiotics and a skilled hand, the treatment can be completed safely and give positive results. Get in touch to book an appointment today.

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Symptoms of Tooth Infection

Some of the common symptoms of tooth infection are:

  • Swollen gums 

  • Tooth or gum pain 

  • Tooth or gum pressure

  • Sensitivity to temperature

  • Visible injury to the tooth

Post Root Canal Treatment

After the root canal procedure is completed, in many cases a 
crown is placed to protect the weakened tooth structure. Although complications post-treatment are rare, if you do face any issues, please contact us.

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