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Dr. Bruce Cole Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Get a Vibrant Smile with Our Teeth Whitening Products in Peterborough

Teeth whitening is a common dental procedure that is sought out by many people. Everyone wants to look their best. However, not all the options available are safe and reliable. Dr. Bruce Cole has been offering dental care to patients in Peterborough for over three decades and is experienced in providing reliable solutions. 

For more effective results, we offer a take-home kit to help maintain your vibrant smile. Our methods are sound and will not hamper any ongoing dental procedures. Get in touch for teeth whitening today!

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How it Works

A take-home whitening kit includes custom-fit trays for your individual smile.  These trays are filled with a whitening agent and are worn in your mouth for 30 - 60 minutes every day or overnight. You can continue this process untill you achieve the whitening you desire, after which they can be used occasionally to maintain the whiteness of your teeth. 


Dental bleaching helps when your teeth are discoloured due to staining, chemical damage or old age. However, for drastically discoloured teeth, a crown or veneer may be a more effective option.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Some of the benefits of teeth whitening are: 


  • Correction of teeth discolouration

  • Restoration of your dull smile

  • Further brightening your smile

Teeth whitening
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