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Dr. Bruce Cole Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

The Preferred Clinic for Family Dentistry in Peterborough

Good oral health starts at home with a proper dental hygiene regimen. It is important for a child to get early dental treatment to prevent any problems. Dr. Bruce Cole offers family dentistry services in Peterborough to help treat the dental concerns of your children and family members. 

Maintaining a good dental hygiene regimen at home not only keeps your family's teeth protected but also instills the importance of oral hygiene in your children. Give us a call to discuss family dentistry solutions at our facility today.

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Oral Hygiene for Children and Infants

Here are some tips for maintaining good dental hygiene at home for your children or toddlers.

  • Clean your infant's gums after feeding using a water-soaked cloth. 

  • Check your baby’s teeth for changes in colour, lines or spots regularly.

  • Start teaching them the proper way to brush and floss when your child reaches the age of 3. 

  • Start flossing your child’s teeth once a day, preferably from the age of 2. 

  • Visit a dentist every 6 months to check for cavities in your child's primary teeth. 

  • Discuss the need for fluoride supplements for your children with your dentist. 

  • Watch out for pencil biting and thumb-sucking habits and notify your dentist about such behaviour. 

  • Discuss sealant applications to protect the chewing surfaces of the teeth with your dentist. 

  • Avoid carbonated and sweetened drinks which can be harmful to your tooth's structure.

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